Hiking in Athens Greece


So you thought that visiting Athens, Greece is all about historical monuments, museums and a dazzling nightlife? Well, think again. Athens has some natural surroundings that would astound you all within reach from your accommodation. In fact, everywhere you look there is a hill or mountain you can climb. Next time you’re in town, pack some hiking boots as well, they might come in handy. After all, this country is famous for its natural beauty.

If you open any map of the city, you will notice the mountainous regions surrounding Athens. Attika, where Athens is located, is made up of mountains, valleys and ridges. The city lies nestled in the central plain; also known as the Attica Basin. Four mountains look over Athens. To the west, lies Mount Aegaleon and to the east mount Hymettus. The other two mountains overshadow the northern suburbs of the city. Mount Penteli to the northeast and Mount Parnitha to the north. Of the four, Mount Parnitha is the tallest standing at over 1400 metres, which has also been declared a national park.

Mount Parnithais a breathtaking mountain range comprised of thick pine wood forest and wildlife. It is only 35 km out of the city and can be reached by car or public transport. It is one of the popular winter destinations for Athenians as well as visitors. In the summer, you can explore the mountain on bike and in the winter in boots or even skis. Its plentiful paths will lead you to its many caves, brooks and breathtaking views of the city below. Be prepared to meet a huge variety of flowers, bird species and foxes. If you are lucky, you might even meet some of the deer that call this place home.

Mount Pendeli, on the other hand, may be lacking in forest after some devastating fires stripped most of the mountain bare. However, it is a mountain of great historical importance; it is where the ancient Athenians mined the marble for the Parthenon. It is also home to the famous Davelis cave; a place few people dare visit. Shrouded in mystery and superstition, it is known for strange sightings, sounds and a creature that haunts deep within. Taking a trek up this mountain and be rewarded by the remains of its ancient past and panoramic view of the city, the mountain range and the sea.

Mind you, you do not have to go that far for a good hike. Right in the centre of the city lies Mount Lykabettus. This is basically a hill made of limestone that protrudes out of the heart of the concrete jungle. It has a rich green landscape at the base with a white top; a perfect contrast to the backdrop of the sparkling blue sky. The climb is quite challenging and few are willing to take the risk, but once on top, the view will astound you. Lay back and enjoy a coffee at the cafe as you watch the sunset behind the Acropolis.

Before you decide to make your way back to your room, take in the view a little more. Watch the Parthenon and the rest of the city light up. Look around you and notice the shadows of the mountains as they retire their glory for the night. Finally, walk through the many local neighborhoods and breathe in the faint floral scents of their blooming gardens.


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  158. masaさんこんにちは。先生からきついことを言われて、おつらいですね。 ただ、幼稚園でも言われているとのことですので、やはり目に余る言動があるのかと思われます。連絡帳や電話でなるべく頻繁に担任の先生と連絡をとるほうが良いと思います。先生に味方になってもらうには、乱暴な子に無関心な親という認識をもたれないように、「先生から言われたことを気にかけています。何かあったら、すぐに教えて下さい。」という姿勢を見せると、よそのお母さんから苦情があったときにも、少しはかばってくださるかも。そして、お詫びをしたいので、連絡してもいいですかという姿勢も見せた方が良いと思います。相手のお母さんに怒られても、謝っていれば許して下さると思います。 うちの子がクラスの子に暴力をふるってしまったとき、子どもを連れて、すぐに謝りに行きました。子どもより私のほうが泣いてしまって、相手のお母さんが「いいって、いいって。こうして謝ってくれたんだから。これからも仲良くしてやってね。」と言ってくださって、その姿を見てうちの子はもう二度とそういうことはしなくなりました。お母さんが泣きながら謝っているのがショックだったのかもしれません。 そして、お子さんのことですが、「なに、それ?」と思われるかもしれませんが、床に入るのを30分から1時間早めてお布団のなかで読み聞かせをすることをおすすめします。いっしょのお布団に入って、本を読んであげると、お子さんもいろいろ話してくれると思いますし、masaさんも学校のことなど聞きやすいかと思います。小学校1年生で、口が達者でなければ、それだけでもいろいろストレスを感じているかもしれません。でも、読み聞かせをすると、言葉も増えると思いますし、スキンシップもできますし、お母さんにたくさんお話を聞いてもらえれば、ストレスも解消できると思います。お忙しいとは思いますが、やってみませんか?2bc3

  159. Adoro su blog, no soy una experta cocinera pero cada vez que entro a su blog tengo ganas de intentar un plato nuevo, todo se ve delicioso y la explicacion es perfecta. Muchas gracias por hacer conocer la sabrosa cocina de nuestro pais, espero que pronto tenga mas recetas a compartir con nosotros

  160. steph: it is horrid. Think she’s stuck in her ways, and she’s too old to wanna change. Age definitely did not mellow her out.mf: with my grandmother, I think it’s all take and no give. And there’s no thank-yous either because everything my mother does as a DIL is taken for granted and expected. Arguments can be avoided if you grow a thick skin or just play ignorant.

  161. If it was just about injustices, then students would be paying more attention to conflicts that are doing much more damage. This isn’t about all students being anti-Semites, but that the world’s attitude towards Jews has always helped to make them more of a target than you would expect.

  162. For en sjarmør, "monsterkyllingen" altsÃ¥! Siden jeg nettopp har kommet hjem fra pÃ¥skefjellet, sÃ¥ er det ikke sÃ¥ mye pynt i "Jutulheimen". Eskene med pÃ¥skekyllinger fra barnehage og skole ligger enda pÃ¥ loftet …. sÃ¥ da jeg sÃ¥ "monsteryllingen" fikk jeg litt dÃ¥rlig samvitiighet! Men pÃ¥sken er lagt fra over enda, det er ikke for sent!

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  164. for the record, i love the ending to this post 🙂 it made me smile. and in my opinion, nothing is an inappropriate choice if you absolutely love it and can make it look DARLING pairing it with something other than the norm. LOVE your choices..it's what makes you unique <3

  165. There have been many books that provoked emotions that I didn’t expect when I started to read them. Many have made me cry! Some made me downright mad and angry at circumstances and characters such as the one I’m currently reading, the second book of Dave Pelzer’s series about his life of abuse at the hands of his mother. Others have evoked happy memories of places I’ve been or times when I was young. I think it’s kind of hard not to read anything and not have some kind of emotion about it, good, bad, or indifferent.

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  170. Great blog post, Joe! I use a storyboard when I plot my books, but there are always unexpected twists/turns/events that happen along the way that take the story off the pre-plotted board. What I like about the storyboard is getting a basic idea of my novel to use as a guideline so I get all the key points or at least some aspect of those key points figured out before I start to write.Thanks for the article.

  171. I found this one particularly tricky – I filled in corner by corner, NE, SW, SE, NW and needed help on one final clue from a fellow blogger. I would definitely give it 4* difficulty at least and possibly only 3* fun, partly because it took me so long and partly because I don’t like those 4 separate crosswords put togther type of puzzles. Thanks to Beam for the stretching and to gazza for the explanations. I liked the same ones as you and I also smiled quite a bit at 23a.

  172. Eu ma simt obosita daca pierd vremea fara sa fac nimic interesant sau daca dorm prea mult. Mai ales in ultimul caz, sunt zombi toata ziua… In schimb, cand am o activitate placuta, motivanta, chiar daca este mai dificila, oboseala dispare. Si miscarea ma ajuta mult, dupa o ora de salsa ma simt energizata la maxim

  173. I love the narrative quality in the post!! Your silk robe is so amazing, the color, the luxury, it all goes so well with your environment and who you are. (or who I know of you via this blog :)) Which one did you chose?! I love them both, I can't wait to see 🙂

  174. I stockholm pÃ¥stÃ¥r man ofta att man är mer restriktiv med sÃ¥dant. Det är inte sant alls, allt bara sväller som en deg runt köpcentrum medan det är tomt utanför. Det är verkligen trÃ¥kigt att vi ska hänvisas till att shoppa bort vÃ¥r fritid/pengar. Bygg badhallar istället sÃ¥ folk kan motionera bort nÃ¥gra timmar. PÃ¥ gÃ¥ngavstÃ¥nd! Köpcentrumen bidrar inte bara till bilberoende, dränerat affärsliv i citykärnor – det är direkt miljöfarligt med.

  175. By the time you see this on cable [definitely on the DVD’s], you WILL see full closing credits with a decent-length version of the theme, ‘Best’. Not on the network, though….the time is “too valuable” for them to waste on opening and closing themes….there’s always another 30 second spot to be sold!

  176. Słuchaj, nie wiem jeszcze, jak tam z terminami u mnie po Świętach, zdaje się, ze 29/XII mam zajęty, ale jeśli tam masz i tak być, to napisz dzień czy dwa wcześniej na PW, kiedy, a ja Ci odpowiem, mogę, nie mogę, może to dobry pomysł. Szkoda, ze nie pracuje na polonistyce, tylko na geologii, w tym pierwszym przypadku mógłbym opowiadać o Twoich książkach.

  177. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  178. Wow, für den ersten finde ich ihn unglaublich gut gelungen! Er sieht so schön aus, gerade auch wegen dem Farbmix. Die Idee mit dem Stanzer und Esspapier ist ja super genial, dass muss ich mir unbedingt merken (und einen Stanzer kaufen, haha :D).Ich freu mich schon auf weitere Kunstwerke von dir 🙂

  179. Rand, according to his orthodox Libertarian beliefs, would have it that no business should be regulated by government, seeming to equate a multi-national corporation like BP w/ an average citizen. This ‘hands off’ approach would mean that, for example, corporations who make billions in the coal industry should not have to adhere to federal safety regulations. Tell that to the families of the 29 dead coal miners. Greed has a human cost.

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  181. I am so sorry that they keep putting you through that. The article was a wonderful, powerful thing. You definitely did something amazing sharing such a difficult part of your story, and I know people appreciate it. Don't let them get to you, keep your head up and keep the faith.

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  183. Already been done. The cogged train goes up to Pikes Peak faster and more directly than the road up — and more efficiently. This isn’t a race to say a robot/machine can do the ascent better. It is a leap forward in algorithm design and input to say a robot can handle varying real world situations.If you want optimized robot cars just lay down train tracks.

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  185. They are good here. It depends what you do in tech and interactive, but jobs for people who can code are fairly easy to come by, esp if you’re good. Pay is decent, and the only downside is cost of living is higher here… but you can balance that by salary usually if you’re in tech. If you want to work in non-profit or teach, that’s another story.

  186. I too got distracted this week and by yesterday was entertaining little thoughts of fear and doubt. Praise the Lord we Can get back on track ! This morning I made a decision to stop focusing on my “to do list“ and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me.I feel more at peace and even the stress I was feeling in my back and shoulders has disappeared as I am writing this ! Praise be to God !

  187. No kidding! WHO would want to buy that! Yikes! o.OAnd I’m a HUGE animal lover. Nice that the poor rabbit (yes, it’s a real head) had to loose it’s life to be a joke. In short, I’m glad it’s gone.Don’t give up on your decluttering thing. Remember my goal date isn’t until September 1. There’s a lot of time between now and then. Since the attic clean out we haven’t done anything either. My husband was gone and it takes a while to get everything to the “give away” places. Kel

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  189. the same way in Punjabi and Hindi). I didn’t realize Jai was a name, which is why I was confused. Jai means victory, so for example, “Jai Hind” or “Jai Maa” or “Jai Ho” are used to say “Victory to…”. I thought you were using it in that sense. BTW, “jaan” means life.

  190. “So our society gets shaped by the clueless, who are either unable or unwilling to see the real issues at the heart of things.”Who are these people – proles, elites, leftists, liberals, or what?“Maybe I’ll get a tattoo of a ship to show my solidarity with the sinking, maybe a couple symbolic holes in my body”The moment you make these symbolic holes you will be accused for witchcraft and burnt on the stake.

  191. Is this what now serves as “representative government” in Naperville? I think Mr. Wehrli and Mr. Krieger should do us all a favor and resign their positions, if listening to the legitimate concerns of Naperville residents is just too much for them.

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  196. I agree with everyone else that your arms don’t look at all huge or flabby. But I also agree that when it comes to photos, cap sleeves are no one’s friend. I’ve had to just stop buying cap sleeved shirts because you never know when someone’s going to want to take a picture, memorializing you forever as the woman with the giant arms.

  197. I wish I was brave enough to wear a top whose arm holes reached down so far. With me looking like such a child, I fear I'd be laughed or gawked at.Also, I wish I could /live/ at the Sierra Cat Haven. (Or any wild cat reserve, really.) ;___; Those cats are so adorable!

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